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It's been said that wherever there are two Jews, there are at least three different opinions. The same holds true for messianic Jews. What we mean to say is that the views here expressed are those of the writers themselves and are not necessarily endorsed by Seed of Abraham or any of its affiliates.


Almah - (virgin)
The Almah Controversy
An Angel You Ought to Know
Anatomy of the Messiah
Angelology: The Doctrine of the Elect Angels
Anti-Judaism and the Council of Nicea
Anti-Semitism and the Church
Are the Jews Christ Killers?
Are there Two Paths to God?
The Basis of the Second Coming of Christ
The Birth of Yeshua
Blood Sacrifice: Isn't Prayer and Repentance Enough?
Books of the Bible / Hebrew Titles
A Calendar of Jewish Persecution
Can We Trust Scripture?
Chronology of the Early Church
Concepts of Messiah in Jewish Thought and Jewish Writings
A Critique of Anti-Missionary Methods
The Curse of Jeconiah and the Signet Ring
Demonology: The Doctrine of Fallen Angels
The Descent of the Messiah
The Disciples Were Called Christians First In Antioch - But Was It Their Idea?
The Ephraimite Error - (Two Houses of Israel)
Even Your Best Jewish Friends Won't Tell You
Everything You Wanted to Know about the Messiah But were Too Embarrassed to Ask your Rabbi
Evidence of the Jewish Background of the Early Church
The Feast of Trumpets and Yom Kippur
The Feast of Weeks (Shavuot)
Finding Messiah in the Passover
The Fine Line of Messianic Judaism
Frequently Asked Questions about Messianic Judaism
The Genealogy of the Messiah
Getting Ready for the Wedding
Glossary of Judaic Terms
Glossary of Terms relating to the Jewish People, Evangelical Christians, and the Relationships Between Them
Hanukah - The Feast of Rededicating the Temple
Hebrew Calendar for the Curren Year
How Did the Wise Men Know? or Is Astrology Valid?
How Jewish was the Early Church?
How to Point to Moshiach in Your Rabbi's Bible
Identity: A 'Christian' Religion for White Racists
"If I Hear One 'Praise The Lord', I'm Out of Here"
If Messiah Has Already Come, Then Why Isn't There Peace?
If You're New to Things Jewish
Is the Church 'Israel'?
Isaiah 7:14 and the Virgin Birth
Isaiah 53 - (The Text)
Isaiah 53 - Rabbinical Commentary
Is Blood Atonement Necessary?
Is it Jewish to Believe in Jesus?
Is the Star of David Kosher?
Israel and the Church: the Differences
Issues That Make Christians Squirm! (objections addressed)
Is Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah?
Jehovah's Seven "I Wills"
Jeremiah and the Russian-speaking Jews
Jewishness and the Trinity
Jewish Messianic Interpretations of Isaiah 53
Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith
The Jewish Wedding System and the Bride of Christ
Joseph: A Prophetic Portrait of the Messiah
Law and the Sabbath
The Law of Moses and the Law of Christ
Lighting Up Chanukah
The Lineage of the Messiah
Messiah Ben Joseph
The Messiahship of Yeshua
Messianic Expectations in 1st Century Judaism - Documentation From Non-Christian Sources
A Messianic Gentile In A Messianic Jewish Congregation
Messianic Jews and 'Jews for Jesus' - The Difference
Messianic Judaism versus Rabbinic Judaism - Is there really such a thing as "Oral Torah"?
The Messianic Timetable
A Miniature Picture of the Whole Bible
The Most Famous Jew of All
Muddled Doctrines: Untangling the "Spiritual Israel" - Replacement Theology Mess
Mysteries of the Menorah
The Mystery of Isaiah 53
The Mystery of the Messiah
The New Testament Speaks Out On the Law
Of Whom Do the Prophets Speak?
Old and New Testaments: Continuity or Discontinuity?
The Olivet Discourse: What Yeshua Said About the Last Days
Passover: Feasting for Freedom
Passover in the New Testament
Passover Scenario
Passover - A Messianic Haggadah
The Passover Seder - A free Messianic Haggadah for use in your very own Seder!
The Passover Seder - A Messianic Haggadah
Passover Songs to sing at your Seder
Presenting Messiah to Your Jewish Friend
Prophetic Timetable for Temple Rebuilding
Proselytes To Israel In A Messianic Jewish Congregation
Questions & Answers - (Ariel Ministries)
Questions, Challenges and Objections
The Question Every Jew Must Answer - Part 1
The Question Every Jew Must Answer - Part 2
Questions Skeptics Ask About Messianic Prophecy
Replacement Theology: Fact or Fiction?
The Resurrection of the Messiah
The Resurrection of Yeshua and the Festival of Firstfruits
The Resurrection of Yeshua - Did it Really Happen?
A Sabbatical Study
Scientific Evidence Against Evolution
Semitic Light on Hebrews
Seven Things God Was Doing Before Genesis 1:1
Seven Ways to Misuse God's Torah
The Seventy Sevens of Daniel
Should Christians be Torah Observant?
A Speculation on The Date of Messiah's Birth
A Suburban Jewish Kid Looks at Christmas
A Suburban Jewish Kid Looks At Passover
The Tabernacle
Tabernacle in the Wilderness: A Foreshadow of Yeshua
The Ten Plagues on Egypt - What were they?
Ten Prophecies fulfilled by Yeshua
Three Views Dating The Events From Yeshua's Last Passover To Pentecost
A Traditional Orthodox Passover Haggadah
The Trinity
The Trinity in Light of the Tenach
Twelve Lessons of the Holocaust
Two Messiahs? - Can One Lord Fulfill Two Functions?
Unlearned Lessons of the Holocaust
The Virgin Birth: An Answer to Rabbi Boteach
Virgin Birth, Jewish Adoption and the Genealogy of Yeshua
Was Jesus the Son of Joseph Or the Son of God?
Was the New Testament Influenced by Pagan Religions?
Was The New Testament Written In Hebrew?
Was Paul the Founder of Christianity?
Weddings of Ancient Israel - A Picture of the Messiah
What and Who is Messiah?
What Do the Scriptures (and rabbinic writings) Say About the Messiah?
What Does Torah Mean?
What Lessons Can We Learn From the Pharisees?
What's in a Name?
What is Messianic Judaism?
What the Rabbis Believe About the Messiah
What is Torah?
When was Jesus Born?
Who is this Yeshua?
Who Killed Jesus?
Who Really Killed Jesus and Why?
Why Do You Say Yeshua?
Why Jesus is the Messiah - 52 Bible Prophecies and Historical Facts
Why Messianic Jews?
Why Messianic Judaism?
Why Should My Church Learn Its Jewish Roots?
Yeshua Made Me Kosher!
Yeshua, Who Is He?
Zion - City of our God
16 Facts Everyone Should Know about Israel


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